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The most effective and efficient means to become compliant with your weight loss and lifestyle goals.

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What People Are Saying:

I went for my annual physical today. My doctor didn’t really look at me when she first walked in her office (furrowed brow, she was cordial but definitely preoccupied with other things, flustered about the log-in taking too long and went straight for the litany of questions for an annual visit when she finally did get logged-in. She was NOT in the moment - A VERY delayed response from her when I asked her how SHE was doing - her mind was elsewhere . . . But I love her and she’s a great doctor) Then she started comparing my data, just taken, to last year’s data and she saw how much weight I lost . . . Not by looking at me, but by looking at her notes and comparing my weight from last visit to this visit . . . Then she looked up at me, and smiled, genuinely, and said “You look great. What are you doing?” - It was pretty comical. The look on her face, when she, FINALLY,,looked up from her screen was priceless. I told her that it was a lot of moving pieces working beautifully together. She encouraged me to keep going. I told her I was half way there. She looked at me - REALLY looked at me - and smiled and said, “Good for you” - And THAT made my day. First time, that I can remember, that she wasn’t trying to peddle cholesterol meds or a diuretic, or any medication for that matter. Just a smile and a lab script for blood work and a tetanus booster because it had been 10 years since my last booster. I’ll share my bloodwork when I get it. Going to Omni now. I’m going to ride this high ALL dayum day!! And I want to keep at it. I can’t wait to walk into her office next year this time!

Lisa Stephens