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Specialized Workouts, Meal Plans, Reports and More, specifically for people 50 and over.

Lose Stubborn Fat

Weight loss resistance is the result of a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition causing inflammatory toxicity. The correct strategy will reverse this process.

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Reverse Chronic Inflammation

Joint pain, brain fog, excess fat and fatigue are just some of the outcomes of chronic inflammation. You can put an end to this starting NOW!.

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Reclaim Your Youth

Properly prescribed exercise, nutrition and lifestyle will reverse inflammation and aging process.  You can begin to look and feel younger in only 14 days!

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The Trainer Motivator


Tony Books Avilez, MES, CSCS has been a fitness professional since 1994. Let his information and programs grant you the SECRET keys to being your best after 50.


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Transform Now

You no longer have to feel FAT, SICK and FRUSTRATED. Transformation is now within your grasp. Despite what you have tried in the past, you are minutes away from looking and feeling your absolute best. 

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Golden Membership

Access includes a dynamic library of recipes, meal plans, appropriately prescribed exercise routines as well as previously unrevealed videos on personal motivation and conquering the affects of chronic lifestyle conditions.

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Metamorphosis Coaching

The  Metamorphosis Coaching program brings together the best of inspiration, information and programming. You get scheduled conference calls with personally modifiable written exercise and lifestyle programs.

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What can you expect from 50 Plus Fit Club?

Once you reach the 50 year old milestone and beyond things change. Maintaining healthy weight and managing body fat becomes a greater challenge. The way you move, eat and think has to change to be your best. The SECRET KEYS to your best life are now right at your finger tips. Become YOUNGER, STRONGER AND BETTER!

Recipes & Meal Plans

You can have access to cutting edge recipes and meal plans that support all your exercise and weight loss efforts.

Fitness Coaching

Lifestyle and exercise programmed specifically for the purpose of losing body fat, increasing tone, strength and energy. No longer will you have to ‘figure it out’ or rely on guesswork.

Fat Loss Secrets

Learn the 13 laws of FAT LOSS you must follow to tame unwanted BODY FAT for good at any age. 



Our most popular plan

  • Specialized Fitness Plans
  • SECRET & Proven Methods To Lose Stubborn Fat After 50
  • SECRET To Winning Against MENOPAUSE Weight Gain
  • SECRET Strategies To Defeat Chronic Inflammation
  • Hidden Methods To Regaining Your Youthful Energy 
  • Specific Guided Workout Videos Specifically Constructed for 50+ 
  • Specialized Meal Plans
  • The SECRET Anti-Inflammatory Elixir
  • Monthly Expert Q & A calls
  • Proven Fat Loss Recipes
  • 41 Methods to End Joint Pain
  • Motivational Videos
  • And So Much More...
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If you have been frustrated with losing weight, improving your fitness and dealing with the challenges of lifestyle after 50 all your answers are right here. Once you know what to do and how to make it happen you can enjoy the FREEDOM of Unlimited Health and Fitness now!  


"I lost 26 lbs. Everyone says I look younger. I feel better than I have in years!"


"I gained my confidence back lost some weight. Living a healthy lifestyle feels great. You can do it also."

Lisa Stephens

"Working with Tony has been one of my greatest investment. It has truly been life changing."

Marilyn Smith

"I've always dreaded the gym, Tony's coaching and mentoring changed my life in ways I could not have imagined."


"Following the plan I lost 21 pounds! Most importantly I eliminated my long-term chronic back pain!"

Linda Lee

"I might not be able to stop my chronological aging, but Tony and 50 Plus Fit Club has stopped me from getting old."

Marylou Bavarro Guerrero

"Tony has helped me in so many ways he is not aware of."

Grace Dilisi

"I never thought getting fit. I will never be the same."

Rosemarie Ruggero

"What can I say, except thank you after losing 11 1/2 lbs and fitting into favorite clothes hidden in my closet."

Inez Archi

"Having trained with Tony for over 10 years I can attest to his vast knowledge, warm personality, and ever encouraging attitude."

Rafi Olya

"I have been working with Tony for years now. I completely trust him to give me the work that is right for me.”

Alice Heinrich

"What can I I started training with Tony at age 79. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. My doctor told me it was reversing and to keep doing what I was doing. Thank you Tony.


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